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1064-KIT-INB, 1065-KIT-INB - Refresh Kit for KB101-INB

Part Numbers:
1064-KIT-INB   For use with Cream KB101-INB
1065-KIT-INB   For use with Grey & Granite KB101-INB

Kit comes complete with Koala logo label (825), restroom door label (841), strap kit (889-KIT), shock kit (877-KIT), EN warning label (543), liner dispenser lid kit (827-KIT or 830-KIT) and end cap kit (692-KIT or 850-KIT). Available for KB101-INB’s in Cream (1064-KIT-INB) and Grey / White Granite (1065-KIT-INB).


Technical Specifications

Shipping Dimensions: 3″ H x 8″ W x 19″ D (76 x 203 x 483 mm)
Weight: 2.5 lbs