A Path to Parent Loyalty

What do parents expect from commercial establishments and restaurants?

No Kidding!

Childcare accommodations are known to please families—but they can also satisfy your bottom line.

Third-party research indicates that parents are more loyal, visit more often, and spend more money at establishments that provide high quality, well-maintained child accommodation amenities.

Boosting the Dining Experience

How can establishments generate loyalty through dining accommodations?

Nearly  8in10

Down Thumbare not fully satisfied with the high chairs provided.

checkbox 70%

of parents are more likely to visit businesses with high chairs.


Here’s a Nugget


high chair users expect to find them at fast food and casual sit-down restaurants.

highchair 60%

of parents use high chairs most or all of the time.

Restroom Relief

How can businesses ease the restroom experience for parents?

Dads for Change


mention lack of availability of baby changing stations in men’s rooms.*


of parents are more likely to visit businesses with baby changing stations.


of parents have used baby changing stations.

*Koala Kare Products proudly supports the Dads for Change movement to raise awareness of the need for Baby Changing Stations in men’s rooms.

Maintenance Pays Off

Safety, cleanliness and maintenance keep families coming back.


of parents express a desire for cleaner baby changing stations, disinfecting wipes or liners/table covers.

Top Areas for Improvement
For High Chairs

1.  Cleanliness
2. Upkeep of Seatbelts/Straps
3.  Regular Maintenance

Time for a Change

Recommendations for Commercial Establishments & Restaurants

Provide baby changing stations and high chairs for increased parent loyalty.

Parents are more loyal and spend more money at establishments with child accommodation amenities.

Care for and maintain the product.

Replacement parts, refresh kits and providing sanitary bed liners are critical to satisfying parent preferences.

About this Research

Based on 2016 research conducted by an independent market research firm, “A Path to Parent Loyalty” explores the many avenues that commercial establishments and restaurants can take to earn repeat business from families with children.

A total of 383 interviews were conducted online— respondents were recruited from an online research panel and qualified to participate in the survey.

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