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Frequently Asked Questions

Baby Changing Stations
  • How do I buy a baby changing station?
  • Do I need to buy a baby changing station?
    • Baby Changing Stations are mandated by law in certain cities, states and federal buildings. Check out our Legislation Map for more information. 
  • Which model is right for me?
    • Please review our product listings as we offer vertical and horizontal orientations and surface and recessed mounted. Decor is also a consideration. Do you want a stainless steel finish or perhaps the color Earth to match your restroom decor. See Baby Changing Stations >
  • How do I install my baby changing station?
    • Check out our installation guides here >
  • My baby changing station has a damaged part. How do I fix it?
    • It depends on the damaged part, as not everything can be repaired. Replacements are available for many of our parts here > You can also identify the product you have installed and view the product page to see what items are available as replacement parts.
  • How do I specify baby changing stations in my building project?
  • Are your baby changing stations compliant?
Child Seating
  • How do I buy child seating?
  • How do I know which high chair is right for my establishment?
    • Items to consider are: color, design, stackability, the need for a tray, product footprint. Please consult the product section to compare models.
  • How do I assemble my high chair?
    • Not all high chairs require assembly, but if your product does, please visit product resources for assembly instructions for that particular high chair.
  • My seating product has a damaged part. How do I fix it?
  • Are your seating products compliant?
    • All high chairs are ASTM compliant and many EN compliant. Learn More >
    • Applicable boosters meet the ASTM standard. Learn More >
Replacement Parts
  • How do I know which replacement part I need?
  • How do I install my replacement part?
    • Replacements parts have corresponding installation sheet to guide you through the process. Please visit the replacement part section of the website to view the instructions, specific to a particular part. 
  • How do I buy replacement parts?
    • Parts can be purchased on our website or through various distributors.  Buy Now >
  • Are there any available job openings?
  • Do you have a blog?
    • Yes. Our blog is available here >
  • Where can I find your press releases or news articles?
  • How do I contact you with questions or comments?
    • Please visit our contact us form to send an email or call us at 303-539-8300.