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Maintenance Matters

At Koala Kare, Maintenance Matters

We want to help you maintain your Koala products to ensure they stay in good working order. Regular maintenance helps keep your childcare products safe and secure for your littlest patrons. First, it’s important to understand that properly maintaining your Koala Kare child accommodation products requires daily cleaning and inspection. Maintenance is an ongoing process, so you’ll need to inspect your products regularly to be aware of any issues. Keeping your Koala Kare products well maintained ensures that families who visit your establishment understand that your business cares about the needs of parents with children.


Cleanliness Keeps Families Coming Back

Making sure your establishment’s products are clean and hygienic is also important for keeping your Koala Kare products in good shape. This includes cleaning all surfaces – such as high chair seats and baby changing station bed surfaces – with a disinfectant and making sure accessories like sanitary bed liners in the baby changing stations are well-stocked.

To help you keep your Koala products in good working order, we provide replacement parts for our products. Be sure to regularly check replaceable parts, including shocks and straps, to make sure that they’re functioning properly. Then, use our instructional videos, maintenance guides and checklists when you need to replace any parts. By performing regular maintenance checks on your Koala Kare products and purchasing replacement parts when needed, you can ensure they will remain in good working order for the children who visit your establishment and meet your needs for many years to come. 

Here are some resources that help simplify the maintenance process:

Shock Value

The shock is an integral part of our baby changing stations as it controls the smooth opening and closing of the door of the unit. The shock may require replacement over time, with the indicator being the door of the unit opening or closing more quickly than usual or not closing entirely.



Straps on our baby changing stations and child seating products may also need replacing. These can include broken buckles, frayed webbing, or missing straps.