Booster Standard

Mandatory Booster Seat Standard Takes Effect January 2, 2020

New regulations for booster seats soon will affect foodservice establishments. A new federal standard, ASTM F2640-18, to improve the safety of all booster seats—both in restaurants and at home—was approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The mandatory standard will take effect January 2, 2020. Is your restaurant ready? Learn what makes a booster seat compliant below.

Compliance Requirements

Several hazards have been addressed with the new standard, including issues related to how boosters attach to adult chairs and the size of booster seats in relation to adult chairs. The new measure outlines safety requirements for all booster seats used both at home and in public establishments and makes the following mandatory for all boosters: 

  1. Adult chair strap
  2. Warning labels about usage hazards and adult chair dimensions
  3. Product registration to be alerted to possible recalls
  4. Labeling requirements about the adult chair dimensions are required on the product packaging and warning label
  5. Koala’s booster seats are age graded for children from 36 months to 5 years of age
  6. Boosters are required to be at least 0.8″ in width and 0.4″ in depth LESS than the adult chair seating surface. The height of the strap attachment needs to be at least 3.9″ less than the height of the adult chair’s backrest.

Compliant Koala Kare Boosters

Koala Kare currently offers booster seats that meet the new standard, including:

Koala Kare is committed to helping operators of public establishments equip their facilities to accommodate the needs of caregivers and their children.


Are Your Boosters Compliant?

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