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KB966/KB977 KidSitter

This 2 in 1 product provides the safety and comfort of a high chair and an infant seat cradle. Constructed of HDPE, this highly durable commercial product serves as a high chair and can easily be converted to an infant seat cradle by changing the position of the high chair seat. The large selection of color options make this chair design friendly with restaurant decors. The Kidsitter is easy to clean and stackable to conserve space.
To convert from the high chair position to an infant seat cradle, unlatch the buckle that secures the safety strap and remove the strap from the seating surface. Lift the seat in an upward movement and rotate the seat in the direction of the leg opening (opposite side of the instructional label). Seat will rest between the legs of the chair. Product now allows for an infant seat carrier to be placed where the seat was formerly secured. Place infant carrier perpendicular to the round cross bar on the chair, so that the child is facing away from suspended seat. Safety strap must be used to secure infant carrier. This product can be configured with 2 leg colors and 4 seat color options.











Technical Specifications

This product is available in multiple color options.

Start by selecting the leg colors: Brown (KB966) or Grey (KB977).
Then select the seat color: Grey (-01), Black (-02), Blue (-04) or Brown (-09).
The part number designation combines the two selections; ex: KB977-02 Grey Legs with Black Seat.

This high chair is compliant with the ASTM F404-21 and EN High Chair Standards.

Unit Dimensions: 22¼” W x 31″ H x 22½” D (565 x 787 x 572 mm)
Shipping Weight: 12 lbs





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