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Returning to Normalcy: How Koala Kare Products Show Your Commitment to Hygiene

Restroom hygiene is more significant than ever, and Koala Kare Products and accessories make it simple to promote restroom hygiene at your business.

When the COVID–19 pandemic began in 2020, hygiene practices in public spaces became one of the most important things for business owner/operators and facility managers to understand, prioritize and enhance, with restrooms drawing some of the most attention. As consumers begin to return to normalcy, we will undoubtedly learn that they now prioritize hygiene more than ever when it comes to decisions about where to spend their time and money.

Since child accommodation products like baby changing stations are often overlooked when it comes to hygiene, it’s important to take the time now to ensure that your facilities have accommodations for patrons with children and that they are in good working order. Doing so promotes hygiene and helps maintain a sanitary environment for patrons with children.

Koala Kare’s range of innovative, durable baby changing stations offers solutions that address today’s increased hygiene expectations and help maintain a clean restroom environment. In particular, the KB300 platform – our newest and most advanced baby changing stations comes with an enhanced bed liner dispenser, external stainless steel bag hook for keeping diaper bags off the floor, and built-in Microban® product protection to reinforce your facility’s enhanced commitment to hygiene.

Of course, making sure your establishment’s products are clean and hygienic isn’t just essential for satisfying your customers – it’s also important for keeping your Koala Kare products functioning properly. We even offer convenient maintenance guides and easy-to-order replacement parts to extend the life of your Koala products.

Antimicrobial Protection

Did you know: 75% of consumers believe that antimicrobial products are effective at preventing the growth of bacteria, and 97% of consumers cited Microban® product protection as very important in public restrooms.

At a time when patrons are especially concerned about germs and bacteria in public restrooms, Koala Kare’s baby changing stations, which are designed with Microban® Product Protection, make it simple to provide a hygienic experience. For years, we have exclusively partnered with Microban® to integrate powerful antimicrobial product protection into our baby changing stations to inhibit the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria on product surfaces.

In fact, Koala Kare was the first maker of baby changing stations to introduce Microban® antimicrobial product protection to the market, helping to address the important cleanliness concerns of caregivers.

Sanitary Accessories

To take your restroom’s hygiene to the next level, consider using Koala Kare’s convenient accessory products to help keep your baby changing stations clean and your restrooms odor-free.

The Diaper Pouch™ is one of Koala Kare’s newest baby changing station accessories, which easily helps improve the appearance and hygiene of any public restroom. Making The Diaper Pouch available in your restrooms gives patrons a way to properly dispose of unsightly used diapers and reduces or eliminates troublesome odors in the restroom. Each Diaper Pouch cartridge dispenses 175 easy-to-open diaper disposal sacks and fits in the liner dispenser of Koala Kare baby changing stations.

Like The Diaper Pouch, Koala’s sanitary bed liners dispense from the baby changing station for easy access. The bed liners have a moisture-resistant quilted design that provides a disposable barrier between the changing surface and child. By offering Koala’s sanitary bed liners and diaper disposal bags, you can provide patrons greater peace of mind by signaling your facility’s commitment to hygiene. The Diaper Pouch and sanitary bed liners, as well as other Koala accessories, can be easily ordered from our accessories page on Koalabear.com.

Mandatory High Chair Standard Has Been Served

“As of June 19, 2019, a new federal standard for high chair safety will take effect, enabling restaurateurs to take even better care of some of their most valuable and vulnerable customers — infants and toddlers who visit with their families.

As the effective date approaches, operators are advised to review the new requirements and determine whether their current high chair inventory is compliant. The new standard involves all high chairs for home and restaurant use, both domestically made and imported into the U.S. Restaurateurs will not be required to replace existing chairs that fail to comply. But as of June 19, only compliant high chairs will be permitted for sale. Operators should be aware that some high chairs currently on the market are already compliant with the new standard but many are not.”

Looking for more information about the new standard? 

Read the Article in NRN> 

Boosting the Dining Experience

Need to boost your bottom line? Booster seats and high chairs could help get you there.

According to research conducted in 2016 by an independent market research firm, 90% of parents visit public places with their children at least once a week. Out of those, a whopping 86% visit fast food restaurants—and 83% visit casual sit-down restaurants.

When parents visit your restaurant, they expect you to provide high quality child seating products. Fortunately, Koala Kare Products offers an extensive line of commercial child seating products, including high chairs and booster seats.

Consider the following quotes about child seating products, gathered from parents during our research: 

“There never seem to be enough at most chain restaurants to accommodate families on busy nights.”
“I feel like they don’t get as much attention by cleaning staff, and often the seatbelts are broken and unusable.

While having high chairs and booster seats is important, maintaining them and keeping them clean is also critical—89% of parents surveyed have used high chairs in the past three years!

Looking for more information about child seating? 

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Cleanliness is critical- Koala is here to help.

Should you provide sanitizing wipes and liners for your Koala Kare Baby Changing Station? The answer is a resounding yes!

Fortunately, Koala Kare is proud to offer the resources you need, including sanitary bed liners and a maintenance chart to help you effectively maintain your unit and keep it clean. Whether you have a KB101 or KB200 Koala Baby Changing Station, we’re here to make maintenance easy and provide the amenities necessary to meet parents’ expectations. When you reference our maintenance sheets and provide sanitary bed liners, parents will appreciate and recognize the effort.

According to research conducted by an independent market research firm in 2016, here’s what parents have to say about the cleanliness of Baby Changing Stations they encounter when out in public:

• “I don’t always need them, but when you need them, you have to have them. Otherwise, you must change your baby in your car or on the floor…YUCK!”
• “[We need] ways to make them more sanitary. And for the love of all that is good…have a trashcan RIGHT BY the changing table.”
• “[Businesses should provide] better protection from actual changing station liners or something.”

Are you ready to address these concerns? Click below to access resources to help maintain your unit.


A Path to Parent Loyalty: Maintenance Pays Off

In commercial facilities and restaurants, having childcare products that are safe and efficiently maintained can be a reliable way to support your bottom line.

According to research conducted in 2016 by an independent market research firm, 25 percent of parents express a desire for better cleaning of currently available baby changing stations as well as inclusion of disinfecting wipes and/or liners.

Also among the findings? For high chairs, cleanliness, regular maintenance and upkeep of seatbelts and straps were the top areas for improvement.

Want to learn more about keeping your amenities clean and how it can support your bottom line?
See our infographic,

 “A Path to Parent Loyalty”

Make your voice heard to restaurants and public establishments by signing onto this petition.

We received a letter from a dad who is outraged by the lack of changing stations in public restrooms. We know that parents and caregivers are looking for family friendly establishments where they can dine, play and enjoy time with their children. Sign this petition and help bring awareness to public establishments.

My wife came to the realization last fall, that there needs to be changing tables in the men’s rooms in all restaurants. As a stay at home father, I whole-heartedly agreed with her. There are too many times where I have taken my children into the bathroom to change a diaper, and have been forced to put the changing pad on the floor or counter.

This past Wednesday, I started an online petition and spread the word to family and friends. In the last five days, we have received 108 signatures. We want people to be aware of this situation. I know a good number of restaurants have changing tables in the women’s restrooms, but few in the men. Our bottom line is this: If a restaurant is going to offer a high chair or booster seat, they better have the changing tables in the restrooms.

Below is the link to the petition. I would appreciate your support. I want to make a big difference, and this is a topic that means a lot to me.


Thank you very much!

Jacob Smithers

Husband and Stay at home father to 3 kids ages 5, 3, and 1