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KB822 - Economy Wood High Chair


Model Number: KB822
This mortise and tenon construction provides sophistication to the Economy wood high chair. Edges and corners are rounded to help prevent chipping. Available in two colors. Chairs stack neatly for optimal storage.
Available in assembled 1 packs (KB822) and unassembled 5 packs (KB825-KD)

Consumers are prohibited from
purchasing High Chairs for home use. This product is exclusively
designed for use in commercial settings such as restaurants.

Unit Dimensions: 19″ W x 27 ½” H x 20 ” D (483 x 699 x 508 mm)
Shipping Weight (KB822): 16 lbs
Shipping Weight (KB825-KD): 65 lbs

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Technical Specifications

This Baby Changing Station has been tested to support 200 lbs with minimal deflection.

Please note: This product is designed for infants only, up to 3.5 years of age and weighing less than 50 lbs.

US Patent Nos. 8365328, 8276229, D605886, D601843

Canadian Patent No. 130179

European Community 1114367-0001, 1114367-0002

Australia Patent No. 325470

China Patent No. ZL200930004164.1

Taiwan Patent No. D136662

Unit Dimensions: 35 3/16” W x 22¼” H (893 mm x 565 mm)

Depth (closed) 4″ (102 mm)

Extension (open): 23 3/16”(589 mm)

Shipping Weight: 28 lbs



Technical Information