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KB200 Horizontal Wall Mounted

Technical Data

Model Number: KB200
Constructed of polypropylene and a unibody steel chassis, this baby changing station supports 200 lbs with minimal deflection. The steel-on-steel hinge has greater resistance to wear and improved durability and the gas spring mechanism ensures smooth open and close of the unit. Its sleek design and color palette matches modern restroom design and décor. The dual liner cavity with lock minimizes operator refills and discourages potential vandalism. The product includes child protection straps and bag hooks. ASTM and EN compliant. Meets ADA requirements when mounted properly. Bed surface exclusively contains Microban® antimicrobial, reducing odor causing bacteria. Liner dispenser features two liner cavities. Each cavity holds 25 liners, for a combined total of 50 liners per unit. Constructed with 16% recycled materials; contributes to LEED certified building requirements.

Unit Dimensions: 35 3/16” W x 22¼” H (893 mm x 565 mm)
Depth (closed): 4” (102 mm)  Extension (open): 23 3/16”(589 mm)
Shipping Weight: 28 lbs

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356-KIT  Wall Plug Kit for KB200

372  Braille Label for KB200
465-XX-KIT  Liner Dispenser Kit for KB200
466-XX-KIT  Liner Dispenser Lid Kit for KB200
472-KIT  Shock Kit for KB200
473  Instructional Label for KB200

473C  Instructional Label for KB200 (Canada only)
476  Installation Kit for KB200
476-INB  Installation Kit for KB200 (Outside U.S. and Canada)
480  Operator Kit for KB200
480C  Operator Kit for KB200 (Canada only)
481-KIT  Bungee Kit for KB200
492-KIT  Key Kit for KB200
495  Front Label for KB200

543  Warning Label for all BCSs (Outside U.S. and Canada)
839  Restroom Door Label for Canadian BCSs
841  Restroom Door Label for all BCSs
885-KIT  Strap Kit for KB200, KB100, KB110
975  Warning Label for all BCSs
975C  Warning Label for all BCSs (Canada only)



Technical Specifications

This Baby Changing Station has been tested to support 200 lbs with minimal deflection.

Please note: This product is designed for infants only, up to 3.5 years of age and weighing less than 50 lbs.

US Patent Nos. 8365328, 8276229, D605886, D601843

Canadian Patent No. 130179

European Community 1114367-0001, 1114367-0002

Australia Patent No. 325470

China Patent No. ZL200930004164.1

Taiwan Patent No. D136662

Unit Dimensions: 35 3/16” W x 22¼” H (893 mm x 565 mm)

Depth (closed) 4″ (102 mm)

Extension (open): 23 3/16”(589 mm)

Shipping Weight: 28 lbs



Technical Information


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