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KB111-SSRE Vertical Stainless Steel Recess Mounted (Discontinued)

The KB111-SSRE Baby Changing Station has been discontinued. Information is for technical data and replacement parts.


Technical Specifications

Please note: This product is designed for infants only, up to 3.5 years of age and weighing less than 50 lbs.

Constructed with 68% recycled materials; contributes to LEED certified building requirements.

Unit Dimensions: 24¼” W x 39½” H (616 x 1003 mm)

Depth (closed): 1½” (38 mm)

Extension (open): 31¼” (794 mm)

Rough Wall Opening: 22⅛” W x 35⅝” H (562 x 905 mm)

Depth: 4″ min. (102 mm)

Shipping Weight: 60 lbs




Replacement Parts