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Warning Label for Booster With Strap

Part Number: 1351

For use with: BoosterChair, Restaurant Booster and Booster Buddy with strap

Warning Label for Booster With Strap adheres to the seat surfaces of the BoosterChair, Restaurant Booster and Booster Buddy with strap. One label is needed for each seating surface (applicable to the Restaurant Booster and Booster Buddy). Label reads "Children have suffered head injuries, including skull fractures, after falling with or from booster seats. Check that booster seat is securely attached to adult chair before each use. Never allow child to push away from table. Never lift and carry child in booster seat. Stay near and watch your child during use. Not intended for children under 36 months of age. Always secure booster to an adult chair using strap. The booster seat shall be used on an adult chair. The adult chair must have a minimum seat width of 17" and depth of 13", and with a backrest that has a minimum height of 10" measured from the adult chair seat surface." 

Unit Dimensions (approx) : 5"W x 3"H (127 x 76 mm)

$2.50 USD


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